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Top 3 Reasons A Good Sound System Is Important


Sound systems are used in countless applications.  Every day in our travels we encounter a sound system of sorts everywhere we go.  We have sound systems in our homes and cars.  Virtually every store you walk into has a system, restaurants, even the elevator in the hospital. 

The type of venue and application often dictate what type of system is installed.  There are endless options for speakers from a little blue tooth portable to ones the size of a small car.  With all these options also comes a wide range of prices.

Many who are not experienced with Audio Visual equipment often choose their system based on the cost end up with disappointing results.  Some are of the opinion that a speaker is a speaker… but in a similar way to cars, a KIA is not equal to a Tesla… so is the same with AV!


Reasons Sound Systems Matter


.1. Glitches:

A good sound system improves the audio quality during an event especially when musicians, choirs, bands and speakers are involved. Glitches are less likely to occur when these people are able to hear what they sound like. 

2. Concerts:

Imagine going to a concert to hear your favourite band, looking forward to singing along to your favourite songs but all you hear is crackling and buzzing… can’t understand a word they are singing.  This would leave fans disappointed and probably with a sour taste towards the venue and the band.

3. Speakers:

Referring to the person talking… Houses of Worship rely on clear and crisp sound as the priest or pastor delivery their sermon.  If patrons can’t hear what is being said they will not be coming back to that venue.  This goes for any application that involves amplifying a voice. 


Purchasing a Sound System


Sound quality is dependent on multiple factors; equipment is one of them, but so is understanding the environment that the AV will be operating in. Purchasing your sound system from reputable and knowledgeable retailers can save time and money in the long run. 

The team at DIGITAL EDGE can discuss the variables that may impact the type of sound system you need and subsequently recommend what will work best for you, your space, and the type of event you will be hosting.


Programming Your Sound System


Now that you have your new fancy sound system installed you want to ensure it doesn’t sound like a hot mess when you turn it on.  Having an experienced sound technician with a gift of perfect pitch program your system is as vital as the speakers you buy.  


Contact the DIGITAL EDGE team for more information on how to choose the sound system solution for your need.  digital EDGE media services the province of BC, SK and Alberta including Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Lloydminster, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Regina

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