Control Systems Made Simple

How Control Systems Will Improve Your Audio Visual Functionality

DIGITAL EDGE works with leading control system manufacturers to design fully integrated control and automation solutions for our clients. Free of complicated remotes, manual source searching and inconvenient downtimes, these systems are managed and controlled from user-friendly touchscreen interfaces. With the press of a button, you can trigger the lights to dim, boardroom touchscreens and audio system to turn on, and the source you need to be selected.

  • Make presentations from a variety of devices
  • Collaborate with remote participants via web/video conference
  • Device control from user-friendly touch screen interfaces
  • View live and recorded data from multiple sources with ease
  • Display room scheduling/availability outside the room and allow reservations remotely


What is a Control System?

Wikipedia definition: A control system manages, commands, directs or regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems using control loops. It can range from a single home heating controller using a thermostat controlling a domestic boiler to large Industrial control systems which are used for controlling processes or machines.

This is the same for an audiovisual system.

When it comes to AV a control system is the heart and brain of an integrated system that allows the operator to control each piece in tandem or individually. It can be used to run a single conference room or the entire office. Many companies see the value of incorporating a single control module. These systems are a smart and necessary investment for a business that relies on conferences and presentations as a matter of routine.


Why is a Control System Important?

Today many AV Systems are integrated between audio components, displays, and even lighting.  Having to write a user manual in order for staff and patrons to utilize a system is cumbersome and can be a source of frustration for everyone involved.  The system should be intuitive and available for non-technical operators.   The goal is to keep complicated systems as simple as possible. This can be achieved through a control system. 

Your team will not only thank you for Installing a control system but it will increase productivity and save time on all fronts.


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Are you interested in an av control system?  Contact us to request a demo. One of our knowledgeable sales representatives will be in contact with you in a timely manner to help answer your questions.

DIGITAL EDGE provides AV integration services across Western Canada: Starting with Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary, DIGITAL EDGE expanded to cities across Alberta, including Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Lloydminster, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Jasper, and Banff. Outside of Alberta, we provide services to Saskatchewan, Regina and Saskatoon, and British Columbia, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, and Penticton. Including everyone in between.

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