Review: LCD Video Walls vs Direct View LED Video Walls


Which Will Win Out In The End?

What is a video wall?  LCD Wall? Direct View LED Wall?

The definition of a video wall is known as “a large visualization surface.”

It sounds simple enough! 

The next question is: what is the difference between an LCD video wall? Or laser video wall? Or LED-lit video wall? Or direct view LED video wall?

Lastly, the million-dollar question is, which one will survive the test of time becoming the ultimate choice in the future AV world?


The Video Wall Evolution


Video walls have come a long way over the years!  In the beginning, video walls consisted of taking a regular display or TV and installing them close together to make one large display.  Although it served the purpose it was not very aesthetically pleasing.  The large black frames around the displays chopped up the picture and interfered with the presentation.

The audiovisual industry employs some very innovative individuals who are ready to explore new solutions to today’s problems.  Therefore it wasn’t a surprise when AV manufacturers came out with narrow or no bezel displays which increased the viewing surface of the video wall.

The ultimate leap was when direct view LED walls were introduced.  No longer requiring clunky TV’s or narrow bezel displays, these panels changed what could be done in unique spaces.  These walls enabled the ability to install curved video walls, or mosaic style leaving the possibilities endless. 


The Differences


LCD video wall – Narrow-bezel or bezel-less LCD displays tiled together to make one viewing area.

Laser video wall – rear-projection video wall.  

LED-lit video wall – LED-lit rear-projection cubes

Direct view LED video wall – Flat-panel display involving the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Hundreds of tiny LEDs are mounted on a panel.  Each LED is a tiny light bulb that emits coloured light.


LCD Video Wall – Pros & Cons


Advantages of LCD video wall:

LCDs are known for their excellent high-resolution images along with being reliable and affordable.  Many choose these displays for video wall solutions based on lower price points while providing excellent sharp detailed displays.  

Disadvantages of LCD video wall:

There are a couple of reasons why some don’t choose the LCD route for their video walls.  Although manufacturers continue to innovate and are providing displays with almost no-bezel, there are still seams that are visible taking away from the content displayed.


Direct View LED – Pros & Cons


Advantages of direct-view LED:

One of the top advantages of direct-view LED is there are no seams from bezels.  The LED panels are tiled together to form a seamless viewing area of any size desired.  Some of the other reasons many lean towards the LED is energy efficiency while still providing bright, high resolution and refresh rates that outperform any LCD.  LED is often the best choice for solutions that are large-scale or require creative engineering e.g curved walls. 

Disadvantages of direct-view LED:

One of the disadvantages of LED used to be the higher price point.  Over the years as technology evolves they are becoming more affordable for the average business. The other reason some may still choose LCD over LED is for applications that require ultra-high resolutions that LED just can’t provide.


Direct View LED Wall Applications


One of the main areas we’ve seen an increase in LED walls is in the Education sector.  Check out The Modern Gym and how schools are using these walls for professional scorekeeping, presentations, and event broadcasting.

Houses of worship are utilizing these walls as backdrops for their stages. They can be used to enable those in the back to see, engage people as well as provide the background desired for all different performances and functions. 

Check out the LED wall project dEm completed at Sherwood Park Alliance Church.  


Industry Rising Stars


LighTVu was founded in Canada in 2015 and in 5 short years has not only expanded internationally but is known for inventing new direct view LED panels that are revolutionalizing the LED industry.  




If you love the LED Walls but don’t require a permanent installation, contact us about renting one of our rigs.

DIGITAL EDGE provides solutions to clients all over Western Canada including cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Kelowna, Banff, Jasper, Medicine Hat, Penticton, Saskatoon…. and every little small town in between!

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