Media Wall VS Traditional Scoreboard

scoreboard is a large board for publicly displaying the score in a game. Most levels of sports from high school to professional leagues have at least one scoreboard for keeping score, measuring time, and displaying statistics.

History of Scoreboards

Back before electronics were mainstream, scorekeeping was kept track with numeric cards that hung on hooks.  In the 1980’s we started to see scoreboards advance from electro-mechanical to light-emitting diodes boards.

These boards were a significant advancement in the sports world.  The lights lasted for thousands of hours, and the scorekeeper could update the score with a touch of a button. Everyone was pleased with the upgraded technology, and most switched over to these boards, which today we now refer to as ‘traditional score clock.’


The 21st Century Scoreboards

In the last couple of decades, technology has evolved so quickly, including the AV industry.  From old-school tube TVs to flat screens to 3D and now curved displays. In the 2000’s we started to see the video walls emerge and popularity grow.  The first-generation video walls were done by placing together multiple displays to make one large screen.  Now the main go-to is LED panels where the image is seamless, and images are bright enough they can be seen in broad daylight.

As the media walls have become more affordable over the years, they are quickly replacing traditional scoreboards.  There are numerous benefits of a media wall that are enticing people to scrap the traditional and upgrade.


Media Walls VS Traditional Score Clock VS Projector

So why choose a media wall over a traditional score clock or projector?  

With a traditional scoreboard you can keep track of the score and a few other basic game components; aside from that, this large board hanging on the wall does not provide much more use. 

A full motion LED video wall is not only a scoreboard but now can be used for anything media that one could want to display.  Instant replays, intermission entertainment, live camera…

Utilizing the video scoreboard in place of a traditional scoreboard provides many advantages that make the transition a no brainer.  A bright screen that can play and display absolutely anything you want vs. just being a scoreboard.

  • Versatile – Switch from scoreboard to video display instantly.
  • Entertainment during intermissions and breaks.
  • Keep audience/ spectators engaged.
  • Close-ups and instant replays.
  • Display advertising and promotions during events.
  • Training tool for students.
  • Used during classes or school assemblies.
  • Easy maintenance / repairs if a module goes out.
  • Durable to withstand a smash from a stray ball.
  • Picture is bright even with all the house lights on.
  • Customizable size and shape. 


Some might argue that a projector is a cheaper solution that is just as good as a media wall.  There are a few things to consider when deciding between a projector or a media wall.

  • Lighting.  Many projectors do not perform as well if there is ambient lighting.  Media walls will be just as bright in full light as it is in the dark.
  • The image is separate from the video source.
  • Need to account for obstructions between the projector and screen.
  • Most projectors only offer SD vs media walls offering HD video.
  • Projector bulbs and light engines require routine replacement.  Some bulbs costing thousands to replace.


Although it may be an additional 15-20% outlay of funds to procure a media wall vs a projector, in the long run, most are glad they made the choice.


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