How Modern is Your Gym?


What is a ‘Modern Gym’?

The Modern Gym transforms any sports facility into a digital space revolutionizing the sports experience for athletes and audiences across North America.

Gone are the days when giant heavy clunky scoreboards (whose only capability was to keep score) and portable PA systems (that produced nothing but a wall of garbled sound) were the norms.

Gymnasiums have transformed over the years, now trending with the newest technology to stay relevant to the current generation.


LED Scoreboards

With new lightweight panels, direct view LED video walls are the way of the future for most educational institutions. These affordable and durable media walls not only can run scoreboard software, but the massive screen can also be utilized for multiple functions, including instant playbacks, entertainment during intermissions, and announcing the winner of that 50/50 ticket draw.

In addition, media walls are an excellent educational tool for students, providing them with the opportunity to learn and use the new technology as it functions in a sports facility.

Are you worried about those strong young men with arms of steel spiking a ball right in the middle of it? Then put your mind to rest. There are different types of LED panels for other applications, and some panels are virtually indestructible. Want another solution? You can purchase a cover made of Lexan for added protection.

Check out some of the newest LEDs available at!


Modern Gym Audio

You can’t have a state-of-the-art LED wall without a loud and proud audio system! Get spectators excited with some bass they can feel in their feet and tunes they can sing while cheering on their favorite team.

Anyone can hang up a speaker, but ensuring the correct models for gym applications are installed and professionally tuned can make or break your gym audio experience.


What Is Your Gym Saying?

Sports are an essential part of most educational institutions. Many hold competitions and rallies hosting students and parents from competing schools and colleges. Actions speak louder than words, and your gym tells visitors loud and clear, whether you’re keeping up with technology and the times… or you’re an ‘old school’ establishment that is falling behind.


Not Just For Sports

A sleek LED wall with a stellar sound system is much more than just a sports tool… it can be utilized for almost any school function or event that is taking place in the gymnasium.

A broadcast of a keynote speaker can be seen from even the farthest corner. You can pump up the volume during physical education class while students run their laps or incorporate motivational videos into your lessons to keep students engaged and present.

LED scoreboards fit together as one massive screen and can display whatever you desire. With the audio already tied into the system, plug in a source (be it your computer, phone, or tablet) and sit back and enjoy.

The DIGITAL EDGE team is experienced and specialized in walking customers through the process and ensuring they receive the best solution for their situation.


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DIGITAL EDGE provides AV integration services across Western Canada: Starting with Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary, DIGITAL EDGE expanded to cities across Alberta, including Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Lloydminster, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Jasper, and Banff. Outside of Alberta, we provide services to Saskatchewan, Regina and Saskatoon, and British Columbia, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, and Penticton. Including everyone in between.

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