Digital Menu Boards – Thoughts & Tips


Captivate your customer and increase sales with digital menu boards in your restaurant/food-service establishment.

Traditional menu boards traditionally show static information to communicate your offerings, often without any eye-catching visuals. When you want to make a change to your menu or simply adjust the pricing, you either have to order an expensive, brand new menu board or attempt to modify the board yourself, potentially making it look unprofessional. Digital menu boards suffer none of these shortcomings and offer a wealth of additional benefits.


Digital Menu Board Signage

There are many advantages to having digital menu boards over traditional static signage. The content showed to your customers no longer has to be static, instead, you’ll be able to display dynamic content that engages your customer each time they walk up to order. Each display can run with unique, motion-enabled content and then combine together into one campus to deliver specialized product promotions similar to what you can find with Tim Hortons and McDonald’s digital signage systems. Tweaks to content can be made with ease through powerful user-friendly content management software. Quickly adjust pricing and descriptions manually or schedule the changes to occur automatically throughout the day/week.

  • Dynamic, engaging content
  • Easy to update
  • User-friendly content management software
  • Low operating cost
  • Sanitary


Paper Menu’s & Sanitation

As the world navigates the many health scares that come along, H1N1, SARS, Mad Cow Disease…. now COVID-19, moving away from handheld menus is advised by health officials.  Germs can live on menu surfaces for hours, days… so with many patrons and staff handling menus all day long, it increases the spread of germs.


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